Lancaster Co-Op Turkey Pre-Order

Lancaster Co-Op Turkey Pre-Order

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We are now accepting pre-orders to reserve non-GMO, pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op!

Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op, based in Lancaster, PA, is a non-profit agricultural collective of over 100 member farms in Lancaster County. Their turkeys are raised on three of their small-scale member farms, all of which strive to give their birds a happy and healthy quality of life.

Unlike factory farmed turkeys, these birds are raised in flocks of no more than 750 per farm. They enjoy lush, open pastures, and certified organic feed free of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. This allows them to grow as naturally as possible, and provide the best flavor profile for your Thanksgiving entrée!

These farms will begin processing their birds in early November. They will be frozen to preserve quality, then transported to our store for you to pick up.

It's $50.00 to reserve one of these Non-GMO White Broad-Breasted Young Turkeys. Since their size isn't guaranteed, you may reserve by size range (12-16 lbs. or 15-20 lbs., priced at $5.75/lb.).

Final costs based on weight will be determined after the bird has been processed, and your remaining payment can be made in-store on pick-up day.

Turkeys will be available for local pick-up at our store starting Tuesday, November 22nd.

See the separate listing for an optional Brine and Twine kit! Kit includes: organic brining mix in a muslin bag, brining bag, and twine.

Thank you for supporting small farms!