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Our Fresh Produce & Bakery Vendors

Learn about a few of our produce and bakery vendors in our store. Come visit we have plenty more to choose from.

Chilly Hollow Farm

Chemical free produce: stay local

Chilly Hollow Farm, conveniently located right off route 7 in Berryville VA, was established in 2011 and is owned and operated by Farmer Justin Carrasco. Growing without chemicals requires us to put more labor and time toward protecting our crops. We use protective row cover fabric to keep out pests, not chemical sprays. We want you to know who is growing your food and how they are growing it and we strive to always use sustainable and organic practices. We grow over a hundred varieties of produce and harvest nearly everything the day of our CSA pickup to guarantee the freshest produce possible. Supporting local farmers is a great way to keep money in your community and your family healthy. https://www.chillyhollowproduce.com/

Moutoux Orchard

A whole diet of local far foods from healthy soil

Moutoux Orchard is a third generation sustainable farm in Loudoun County, Virginia. We aim to reclaim our food—from field to kitchen— and provide healthy, whole foods for our local community. We are committed to healthy food, healthy animals and believe in the power of healthy soil and community. https://www.moutouxorchard.com/

Lydia's Fields

We're growing goodness – figs, herbs and vegetables – in harmony with Virginia nature

The farm is nestled in the rolling hills between Purcellville and Lovettsville, Virginia. We continue the long local tradition of cultivating multiple varieties of scrumptious heirloom tomatoes, hakurei turnips, arugula, lettuce, herbs, kale, peppers and other vegetables. After the growing season, we focus on restoring the soil’s fertility through cover cropping, composting and letting the land rest. We believe that fresh, tasty, healthful food comes by growing in harmony with nature. We happily share our knowledge of small-scale farming with anyone curious to learn about locally grown produce. https://lydiasfields.com/

Distillery Lane Ciderworks

We are craft cider makers and orchardists

we have over 3,000 semi-dwarf trees in our nine-acre orchard and over forty-five apple varieties! We use a low-spray style of treating the trees called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We track what kinds of harmful bugs are in the orchard and only spray for those specific bugs. Additionally, we use pheromone traps, a mating disrupter for the bugs. As a result, we do not need to blanket the orchard with a much stronger, generalized pesticide. We do not spray with any organophosphates. https://distillerylaneciderworks.com/

Red Gate Farm

Local Raw Honey

RedGate Apiary sells only pure raw honey as it is extracted and packaged directly from the honeycomb without heating or extensive ultra filtration, which is done for virtually all blended honeys found in grocery stores. It is gathered from local plants and contains small amounts of pollen, which is considered to be beneficial to those suffering from allergies. We offer a variety of spring and summer honey extracted and packaged in convenient sizes from 8 ounces to one gallon. https://sites.google.com/site/redgatefarmer/home

Harvest Symphony

Your local bakery committed to exceptional baked goods

We are Harvest Symphony, an artisan bakery, located in Loudoun Co, Virginia. We are proud to offer the highest quality Gluten-Free line of exceptionally delicious seasonal Pies & Quiche, heart-y Granolas, scrumptious Cupcakes, and our line of specialty Cookies. All made with love, of course. We select and procure only fresh wholesome certified organic ingredients and marry them with our delicious recipes. Baked fresh every day, our products are always Non-GMO, Wheat-Free, Soy-Free, Glyphosate-Free and made without preservatives. https://harvestsymphony.com/