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Our Meat Vendors

Learn about a few of our meat and poultry vendors in our store. Raised humanely.

Kerry Knoll Farm

300 Year Old Farm

We have been raising Black Angus cattle at our 10-generation family farm in Loudoun County, Virginia, for well over 20 years. We maintain a herd of breeding cows and raise all our beef from birth. Oakland Green is pleased to offer both frozen individual cuts & sides of our beef direct to consumers, restaurants, or retailers. http://www.oaklandgreen.com/

Wool and Lamb

Romney sheep and pastured raised, organic fed chickens

Kerry Knoll Farm is located 2 miles north of Purcellville, VA at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We raise grass fed Romney sheep and provide a whole range of products from yarn, roving, raw wool, and pelts. We also produce a wide range of custom cut lamb meat products. http://www.kerryknollfarm.com/

Day Spring Farm

Chemical Free Food

We decided to heal and nourish our family by growing our own chemical free food. Then our friends wanted that for their family too, so we found a way to share. We'd love to have you join the "farm-ily"! We offer grass fed/finished beef, pasture raised pork and poultry and eggs, vegetables, raw milk and herbal shares. Everything is grown in harmony with nature, without the use of any chemicals or GMO's or soy. We feed our family and yours nutritious, clean food. https://www.dayspringfarmva.com/