Our coffee window opens at 7am Monday-Saturday, 8am Sunday!

Our Story

Healthy living should be accessible to everyone, while supporting our local growers and creators. It’s that simple.

The Mercantile is our home, and it’s yours, too. We look forward to your smile!

It all started with two women, some beans, and a dream.

Our owners Meredith and Abbie met while working at King Street Coffee in Leesburg over a decade ago. Meredith, a Mercantile regular, was approached by the previous owner about purchasing the store while shopping one day, and the rest is history. We’ve combined Meredith’s vast agricultural experience with Abbie’s amazing coffee to bring to you the Merc as it is today.

Both owners are Hamilton residents who have deep roots within this special community, and one of our core values is that we are here for you. We carry only products that we would use ourselves (you’ll often run into our employees on their days off, because this is where we shop, too) and source every item to the highest quality available. We are connected within the local and regional agricultural communities, and many of our suppliers are our friends.

Ada, Hamilton neighbor

We strive to be an active pillar in our community, and that means connecting with every person that walks across our porch. From our wisest customers to our health-lovers-in-training, we have just the thing for you. We host many events, such as wine tastings, coffee menu launches, and movie nights to help bring our community together.

From a quick coffee stop to your weekly grocery trip, we are here for you. Stop in and stay a while!

The First Natural Food Store In Loudoun County.

The Hamilton Mercantile (formerly the Natural Mercantile) has stood in Hamilton, Virginia as a natural food store since the 1970s. We have generations of knowledge in this industry, and our customers have been coming here since they were children.

The Merc Family

Our family is always growing and changing. You may see several faces for seasons at a time and miss another. We love hiring our local teens, often heading off to school or new adventures. One things for sure, everyone loves working here and sharing the friendly vibes we receive from your community.

Meredith Brown, owner of the Hamilton Mercantile, making coffee

Meredith Brown

Co-Owner, Barista, Neighbor

Our shop may have new owners but they’re not new to the community! Meredith (left) was born and raised in Loudoun and now lives in Lincoln, she’s worked as a gardener and been involved in local agriculture for the past ten years. Abigail (right) is the owner/operator of King Street Coffee in downtown Leesburg (where Meredith used to work as a barista!) and also lives locally. Fun Fact: Meredith loves to do cartwheels in the fields after work.