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Learn about a few of our vendors in our store. Come visit we have plenty more to choose from.

Locksley Farmstead Cheese

Hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses

We’re firm believers that high-quality cheese can only come from the happiest (and healthiest) of herds. That is why Locksley Farmstead Cheese takes pride in the farming practices and conditions with which we raise our cows. These amazing cows, their healthy diet, and easy life are the key components in our cheese tasting so darn good. https://locksleycheese.com/

Village Cheeseworks

Community-focused creamery

Village Cheese Works was started with the idea that “it takes a village” to produce a local product that supports local farms and connects customers to the community. Village Cheese Works partnered with the last commercial dairy in Loudon County, VA, Potts Dairy, which has been family-owned and operated for five generations, to source their milk for curdling. https://www.instagram.com/villagecheeseworks/

George's Mill Cheese

Farmstead goat products and whey fed pastured pork

Georges Mill Farm was settled around 1750 by John George. Two hundred and sixty years later his descendants continue to live on, and farm, the land. Our farmstead cheesemaking operation (established by Molly and Sam in 2013) is the heart of the farm and we rotate our goats, as well as pigs and chickens on about 50 acres of pasture and browse. In addition, the farm is home to a bed & breakfast in the Civil War-era stone house (built by Samuel George, John’s grandson, in the late 1860s), and four generations of our family. https://www.georgesmillcheese.com/

South Mountain Creamery

Where the glass-bottled milk is fresh, products are carefully crafted, and wholesome, farm-fresh foods are delivered right to your door.

South Mountain Creamery is a farm, creamery, home delivery service, and wholesaler that is proudly farmer operated and family owned. For more than 20 years, we’ve been bringing high-quality products to our friends and neighbors throughout the region, so they can feel good about the food they eat. When you know your farmer, you know your food. https://southmountaincreamery.com/

Trickling Springs Creamery

Organic Milk

Trickling Springs Organic milk is a product of South Mountain Creamery, who works in partnership with local PA organic farmers to make farm-fresh organic milk. The farmers who work with us are carefully selected based on their commitment to high-quality organic standards as well as their passion and knowledge for sustainable farming. Like us, they’re stewards of our environment and dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. https://southmountaincreamery.com/products/organic-milk/