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Bath, Body, and Artisans Vendors

Learn about a few of our bath and body, gifts, artisan vendors in our store. So much talent in our community.

Harmonia Body and Home

Made by hand. Made with love.

Harmonia Body & Home, LLC was established of 2017. All of our products are made by hand and with love to bring balance to your mind, body, and soul. Our products have minimal, natural ingredients including fresh herbs, botanicals and the finest essential oils. https://www.harmoniabodyandhome.com/

The Parsonage

Handmade Soap

Parsonage Handmade Soap began in 1997 after two friends with a passion for gardening and handcrafted products decided to make their own soap one Christmas. Dick, a third generation soapmaker, uses his chemistry background to perfect our recipes. Julie’s accounting degree kept the business end running smoothly. Together, they created the scent blends that make our soaps so popular. After 23 years, our co-founder Julie Pieper decided to step back the day to day operations of the business to pursue other interests. Thankfully, she is still just a phone call away – and has graciously agreed to continue to devise new scents and help transition the business to Dick and his family! https://www.parsonagesoap.com/

Valor Ridge Pottery

Custom Pottery

The goal of Valor Ridge pottery is to make custom pieces of art that are functional for every day use. It sparks my creativity when I get to work with clients on custom pieces for their every day life! https://www.valorridgepottery.com/