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Meredith's Merc Favorites

by Liz Weaver on January 27, 2023

Golden Hour Facial Toner 

I love the Golden Hour facial toner from Little Yard Farm. It's packed with gentle herbs that nourish your skin, and I love the way it smells. 

Farmstead Ferments

Farmstead Ferments are probably my all-time favorite products in the shop. Everything they make is delicious, but this Curtido kraut is the best. I love it with tacos or as a salad topper. 

Gaia Nightly Adrenal

The Gaia Nightly Adrenal restore helps me to relax and get a restful sleep. I rely on it when I'm feeling stressed out or anxious. 

Lora Tempranillo and Syrah Wine

And lastly..the Lora Tempranillo and Syrah is my go to wine. It's made with organic grapes and is a great price point. It's a favorite with our customers as well!